Arundel mother’s joy at giving birth to a ‘Mullet’

Baby Lamb is an Arundel 'mullet'
Baby Lamb is an Arundel 'mullet'

What do you get when you put a lamb and a mullet together? This adorable baby boy, who is the latest addition to one of Arundel’s proudest traditions.

Emily Myerscough and Shaun Lamb’s son was born at 5.45am at Shaun’s parents’ house, where they live, in Howard Road, Arundel, on December 21, weighing 6lbs 6oz.

This makes him a Mullet – a name reserved for babies born in Arundel that dates back centuries.

Speaking on Monday, Emily, 28, said: “It is really nice, because we’ve always lived in Arundel and we love it here, and this is where he will be brought up, so it will be a nice thing for him to tell when he is older.”

The title was a surprise, as Emily intended to give birth at hospital.

She said she woke up at 5am and the baby was worn 45 minutes later.

“I thought I needed the loo, so I kept going to the toilet – and then I had the urge to push,” she said.

“I kept saying to Shaun, ‘You’ll have to catch him, get something on the carpet’, and that was it. He shot out and dad caught him and started rubbing him with the towel.”

He was born with breathing difficulties, so spent the Christmas period in hospital – but came home on December 27.

While he can be called a Mullet, his parents still have not been able to agree on a name, referring to him as ‘baby Lamb’ for now.

Emily said suggestions from the family that had been ruled out were ‘Hunter Lamb’ and ‘Meaty Lamb’ – and while she was tempted by the name Louis due to him almost being born on the toilet, she decided it might be too embarrassing when he was older.

She described her son as ‘very cheeky, like his dad’ and said he ‘liked to keep her up at night’, but was ‘very much loved’, including by his sister Lily-Marie, 11.