Adur District Council chairman backs #buyapaper campaign

Adur District Council chairman Joss Loader
Adur District Council chairman Joss Loader

Adur District Council chairman Joss Loader has backed the Herald’s new campaign – #buyapaper

The campaign was launched last week to highlight the important role the local press plays.

Local newspapers and their websites, like the Shoreham Herald and, are the most trusted providers of news in this country.

They are also fierce defenders of the communities they serve.

But to train journalists to the highest professional standards and to deliver the quality of writing and research on which readers rely costs money.

So across Britain, the #buyapaper campaign was launched, urging residents to purchase a copy of their local title every week.

Newspapers have been in existence for more than 300 years, and in recent years the online version of this paper, and many others, has grown exponentially.

But the importance we place on the integrity of our journalism has not changed.

Our priorities are our communities and our focus is unwavering – if it affects our readers we are interested.

This week, Mrs Loader backed the campaign, saying local newspapers play a ‘key role’ in community life and in providing a lasting, accurate record for posterity.

She added: “We are lucky in Adur to have impartial, investigative reporters who take their roles seriously and don’t just ‘cut and paste’ press releases.

“From courts coverage to charity appeals, and local council stories to community events, the Herald series asks searching questions and covers them all.

“Holding publicly funded organisations to account is a key role for an effective local press. Balanced coverage is vital – highlighting any shortcomings and failures as well as flagging success stories.

“Without newspapers such as the Shoreham and Lancing Heralds, taxpayers would rely on the organisations themselves to tell us how our money is being spent – and by whom.

“Press releases have a role but they often tell the stories that press officers want us to read – rather than impartial, breaking news.

“That’s where properly trained and qualified journalists come into their own as they strip out the ‘spin’ and present the facts. Newspapers are legally regulated, unlike social media platforms, which stray into the realms of fake news.

“On a personal note, I am grateful to the Herald staff for supporting my Chairman’s Community defibrillator appeal – the support and coverage has been first class. A very sincere thank you to you all.”

How you can support the campaign: The #buyapaper campaign was not our idea – it came from readers of local news up and down the country who wanted to support us.

You can give that support very easily – please use our website, follow us on social media and, just as importantly, buy a paper. We will repay you by continuing to focus everything we do on reporting the local news and the issues that affect you. Buy a copy of this newspaper every week. Encourage one friend, neighbour or colleague to do the same. And consider buying a year-long subscription to the title as a Christmas present. Visit for more information.