Parents warned to check prom vehicles’ licence

Stretched limousines, require safety inspections every 12 weeks
Stretched limousines, require safety inspections every 12 weeks

GETTING to the school prom on time might involve more than in-depth party planning, if hired vehicles are not properly licensed.

Vehicle licensing might not be the first thing on the mind of parents booking a dream vehicle for the end-of-year celebrations but it is important to ensure safety, Adur and Worthing councils warn.

Teresa Bowley, taxi and private hire licensing supervisor, said: “There are a number of different licences available for different types of vehicle but the key question parents can ask when making bookings is ‘what type licence do you hold and can I see a copy?’.

“Some types of licence, specifically for the bigger vehicles such as stretched limousines, require safety inspections every 12 weeks. This is particularly important when a vehicle has been modified from when it came out of the factory, and provides reassurance that the vehicle is safely maintained and operated.

“Parents shouldn’t be worried about asking to see documentation before making a booking - after all, a simple question is a small price to pay for double checking safety.

“Remember – an unlicensed vehicle could very easily be an unsafe vehicle.”

Many companies make details of their licence available online but if they do not, the advice is simple.

Teresa said: “Spend a moment putting your licence details on your website. Not only does it help parents to make an informed choice about which company to hire but, by having the details easily available, it proves that you’re taking all the necessary steps to give your customers the best journey of their lives.”

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