Parents of sick baby stranded in Shoreham after parking confusion

Roller Central in Brighton Road, Shoreham
Roller Central in Brighton Road, Shoreham

CONFUSION over parking arrangements left the parents of a sick baby stranded in Shoreham.

Laurie and Hannah Diiorio had been at a friend’s birthday party at Roller Central, in Brighton Road, when they were called back to their Burgess Hill home by their babysitter because their one-year-old boy, Sam, was being sick.

But they had popped over the road for a quick drink in the pub and by the time they returned to the Roller Central car park, their car had been clamped.

Laurie said it cost them £150 and took more than an hour to get their car released. By the time they got back to their Saxby Road home, they found Sam had vomited several times. He later developed tonsillitis.

Maria Fry, from Roller Central, explained Ethical Parking monitored the car park overnight. She said the company was brought in after a car left in their car park was broken into.

“This has been an invaluable service to us after we lock up and go home, as there have been no more incidents since they have been driving in and out throughout the night.”

Hannah said it was their first visit to the disco and they had had a thoroughly enjoyable evening up to that point.

Signs were clearly displayed saying a parking permit was required but when she asked at reception, she was told it was not needed.

“When we left, we went over to the pub over the road for a quick drink. We were 20 minutes! I had a phone call from my babysitter as my little boy was poorly asking for me and my husband to return home quickly. To my horror, my car had been clamped. I had to pay £150 to have the clamp taken off.”

In an email responding to Hannah, Maria said: “You are certainly not the only people to go to the pub or to a restaurant after visiting Roller Central, however when this has happened in the past, the customers have had the courtesy to ask, or tell us, they are going to leave their car on site, and as such are issued with a residents’ permit.”