Panto boosts lifeboat funds

The Wellington Wailers successfully chased away the January blues when they performed this year's pantomime.

Monday, 15th January 2018, 2:31 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:27 am
The Wellington Wailers present ?1,000 to Shoreham lifeboatmen as part of their ongoing fundraising through CD sales SUS-180115-142733001

Playing to a packed house at Sussex Yacht Club on Saturday, the popular Shoreham-based sea shanty group entertained more than 100 members and their families with their annual shenanigans.

Bosun Bill Brown said: “Last year, the panto was Treasure Island, in which the Wailers mutilated Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story.

“This year’s theme was a sequel, Long John and the Smugglers, in which Long John Silver and his scurvy crew – The Wailers – turned their hands and hooks from piracy to smuggling.

“While the panto’s theme was unconventional, the format was traditional, with plenty of ‘oh no it’s not’ and ‘he’s behind you’ in the script, plus being liberally peppered with double entendre and, of course, shanties from the Wailers.”

Long John’s booty of golden chocolate doubloons was distributed among the younger members of the audience and the finale saw everyone join the Wailers in singing The Last Shanty, while miming pulling ropes and climbing masts.

Bill added: “Judging by the crescendo of applause, I think it fair to say that once again the Wellington Wailers had pulled it off.

“Once the clamour had died down, the Wailers took the opportunity to present a cheque for a further £1,000 to the crew of the Shoreham Lifeboat, who received it with effusive thanks.

“Needless to say, the Wellington Wailers, then spliced the main brace, raising a tankard to a most appreciative audience and revelling in a job well done.”

The money raised for Shoreham Harbour Lifeboat Station, now exceeding £1,500 in total, has come from the continuing sales of the Wailer’s latest CD, High Tides and Low Life.

For every CD sold at £10, the Wailers have donate £5 to the charity.

The generous pantomime audience boosted the total further by contributing a £209.33 to the lifeboat in a bucket collection.

The Wailers will be at the Duke of Wellington pub in Shoreham tonight at 8.30pm for their monthly sing-song.