What a scorcher!

NOW it’s the summer holidays, I’ve been having a great time relaxing and seeing all of my friends!

I go to the park every day with dad, which means that I’ve had loads of time to play my favourite ball games like football!

Yesterday, my friends Colin the calf and Pauline the piglet joined in and we had a great time kicking the ball around together.

I like playing ball games because I get to run and around and do lots of exercise which my dad says is very good for me. I also find it’s a lot of fun!

I’ve been really enjoying the great weather so far, but playing in the sun for too long makes me very hot.

Mum says I’m going to get a haircut, which I’m excited about, and she always makes sure I’m wearing suncream and drink loads of water throughout the day so I can stay cool and safe.

Mum and dad are taking me on holiday soon and I can’t wait to splash around in a big pool every day!

Are you going on holiday this year? And if not, how are you going to spend your summer?

Why not draw me a picture of your summer adventures and send it in to me at the address on the form?

Chip chip for now!