Vital work of everyone at Chestnut House

Chestnut Tree House hospice
Chestnut Tree House hospice

At Chestnut Tree House we are always dealing with difficult situations.

As well as giving support to families whose children have a short life, we are also there for families of the babies who sadly have very little or even no time at all.

Many couples plan a family, but for some parents that dream turns into a nightmare and their pregnancy does not end with a lovely baby, but with a funeral to plan and attend.

What is really difficult is the 9 months of plans and hopes shattered in an instant.

Some of these babies do not survive the birth, some live for merely hours or days.

One thing you learn quickly working in a place like Chestnut Tree House is that although the doctors predict what will happen, often the babies live much longer than expected, and the joy they give their parents is wonderful to watch.

However, when the day comes and the baby loses their fight, it is so sad and it ripples through the House.

It is times like that when you realise just how important the team at Chestnut Tree House is, and how vital the work they do is.

Many people do not realise that Chestnut Tree House has a neonatal service and cares for new-born babies.

Families may be referred to Chestnut Tree House following antenatal or postnatal diagnosis of a condition or families can also refer themselves to


If you, or anyone you know wishes to access our services, or to receive more information, please contact the Community Nurse Manager on 01903 871803.

Chestnut Tree House, in Dover Lane, Arundel, cares for over 280 children and young adults from 0-25 years of age with progressive life-limiting conditions.

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