VET’S VIEW: Volunteers keep stray cats off the streets

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IT was a casual act that might have gone unnoticed, had I not been training my camera lens on the spot from my vantage point on the city walls.

A small black and white cat was strolling along the edge of the harbour in Dubrovnik.

When it passed the stalls where boat trips were vigorously hawked to passers-by, one of the salesmen caught sight of it and swotted it away with a rolled up brochure.

The cat, fortunately unharmed, scampered off.

We saw a lot of cats on the street on our recent visit to the ancient city, but thankfully not everyone was so intolerant.

Tucked away behind the city walls we found a small sanctuary where cats could rest and be fed, while early one morning we found that small piles of cat food had been left around the streets for the strays.

The fact that such scenes, common on the continent, are quite foreign to us in the UK is due in no small part to charities such as our very own Worthing Cat Welfare Trust (WCWT).

Established by an enthusiastic team of volunteers 19 years ago this month, it remains proudly that – a voluntary organisation with no paid staff to carry out its work.

Genuine stray cats, as well as those that have to be rehomed for various reasons are taken in wherever possible.

They have a dedicated team of fosterers, who receive only the cost of food and veterinary care for their charges.

If you are thinking of getting a cat, it is worth bearing WCWT in mind as they always have cats looking for homes.

And if you can spare some time to help with fundraising or looking after the cats in their care, I know you’d be very welcome.

You can contact WCWT by telephoning Iris on 01903 202251 or Sue on 07712 132707.