TECHNOLOGY: Tips for making sure your photos stay private online

James Stoner
James Stoner

Did you know that by the time a child is five years old, there will be almost a thousand photos of them online?

Who can access these photos, and how can you ensure these photos are kept within a select group of viewers? Here are some tips to consider when posting photos:

• Turn off your location services – these are usually defaulted to ‘on’ on your smartphone, or some social media services ask for permission. Ensure in your settings these are switched to ‘off’ or select ‘no’ when asked. Location services are sometimes called geo-tags.

• Check your privacy settings – ensure that you selected ‘friends only’ on Facebook, or you can even select a smaller group of viewers by choosing ‘custom’ and selecting just close friends and family.

• Watermark your photos and reduce resolution – you can easily watermark photos for increased security with simple apps for a smart phone. By reducing the resolution, you can ensure the photos will be harder to reproduce if they do slip into the wrong hands.

• Ask permission – if you are posting photos of other people’s children, ensure you have asked permission from the parents of all the children.

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