Sometimes I don’t know what mum and dad mean!

I feel like I’ve been living in the past this week, Chipsters, but it’s a past I know nothing about at all!

My mummy and daddy have been talking a lot about old television programmes – things like The Generation Game, You Bet, Challenge Anneka, Going for Gold, the Crystal Maze, Big Break and loads of others I can’t even remember the names of.

Any of them ring a bell with you, Chipsters? No, I thought not!

I didn’t have any idea what they were talking about, so I went out into the garden to have a good kick of my football. It pleased my mummy no end, as she had only been telling me I needed to go outside for a good run around. I had to be careful to play on the patio, though, as the grass was way too muddy after all the rain we’ve had, and I didn’t want to put on my wellies. I’m glad I didn’t have a proper game, too, judging by the state of the pitch after all that rain! Look at it, above, Chipsters! Crazy!

I was relieved to get away from a conversation that made no sense to me, if I’m honest with you. But mummy and daddy seemed to be enjoying themselves, and kept talking about whether some of these old programmes would be brought back.

I wouldn’t mind if they were, as long as they didn’t clash with any of my favourites – or the football!

Chip chip for now!