Such a shame art and quality draw short money straw

I AM delighted that others have been so impressed with the Ropetackle Centre.

Thursday, 27th March 2008, 3:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 11:44 pm

The programmes are innovative and aimed at all sections of society, including the very young.

I do hope many more will go and support them.

It is so hard to find funding for top-grade shows and I, too, was so

sad to hear of difficulties there, although not, I may say, surprised.

Art and quality seem always to get the short straw where finance is


The atmosphere there is delightful and relaxing; the volunteers, too,

are enthusiastic.

I was one for a couple of weeks in the summer and hope to do more volunteering.

Soon, we have Herbie Flowers doing a jazz breakfast and, hopefully, many more such events.

Recently, we went to a wonderful documentary on Mozart, with a pianist from Lancing College playing before the show and during the interval.

While on the subject of the Ropetackle venue, I would also like to say that we need more than just one venue.

There are precious few in Shoreham compared with, say, Steyning, and the Shoreham Centre is also doing a wonderful job, particularly in its damaged state, and I fully applaud Kelly on her work there.

Hopefully, with future improvements to come, it will go from strength to strength and maybe even have a door from the kitchen into the garden, where there could be tables to make it look a really Mediterranean place.

Shoreham now has a growing population and there is a desperate need for more places for relaxation, theatre and learning.

Gretel Graville

Queens Place



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