Press statement from Lancing Parish Council about travellers

ON the night of Wednesday, June 13, a group of travellers cut the chain securing the gate that gives access to Beach Green by Set Tyres.

Monday, 25th June 2012, 9:43 am

That group set up camp on Beach Green and on the Thursday, June 14, Lancing Parish Council arranged for a private security firm to block any further access through Set Tyres.

The intention was to allow vans and caravans off the green but not back on again or any new ones in.

Over the course of the weekend, more caravans gained access through a building site further to the west of the green and were able to gain access via the foreshore.

Considerable damage has been done to fencing and to gates that have enabled direct van access to the green and car park and it has also been possible to gain access from Shopsdam and Widewater along the sea front.

The parish council appreciates that the local use of amenities and businesses is severely impacted and wishes to see the proper and lawful use of the green restored as soon as possible.

A court order was obtained by Lancing Parish Council granting possession of the green and giving the travellers notice to vacate by noon on Saturday, June 15, but as the travellers ignored the order, the council need to go through the full court procedure of enforcement, which will take between two and three weeks.

It should be remembered that Lancing Parish Council has limited financial resources and has to go through the due procedure.

The police are in a similar position.

Ann Bridges, chairman of Lancing Parish Council