LETTER: Weary of fighting any more

I am writing in response to your article, '˜Number of county's day centres for adults with learning disabilities could be reduced', in the edition of May 10.

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 9:28 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:44 am

However, this is dressed up, it is a cut to service, which has been going on for several years. It would be interesting to know why this is happening at the same time as every resident in Worthing is paying a two per cent levy on the council tax bill specifically for adult social needs.

I have two children both in their 40s who attend Coastal Enterprise. I notice that Amanda Jupp said “... to stress that there will be no reduction in levels of support given...”. Rather a strange statement, seeing the level of support is not within her remit.

We are talking about adults who will decide whether to go to another centre or stay home or wander the streets.

Many people who attend Coastal Enterprise have been there for many years – some 20 to 30 years – and pushing them into centres for older people would seem to be unfair to them and also to the present residents who would have their peace disturbed.

Also, some of the centres proposed are not accessible by public transport – adding to the cost and removing a modicum of independence.

I have no trouble in social services saving money but this proposal which has been going on for two years seems nothing more than ‘this is what we have, we will make it fit’.

I have no doubt that the proposals will go ahead. Many parents are dead,elderly or just plain weary of fighting any more!

D. Belcher

Twyford Gardens, Worthing

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