LETTER: Thanks for all the kindness

Life has recently been very harsh to us, but we write to thank you for the wonderful and numerous gifts of kindness which have enabled us to feel supported, despite our loss.

Thursday, 26th April 2018, 1:19 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:33 am
Stuart Hill, 30, and Jason Hill, 31, who lost their lives in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon in Arizona SUS-180213-153842001

As parents of the two brothers Jason and Stuart who died in the Grand Canyon helicopter disaster, we, along with the other families, have a heavy burden of loss, but we have been touched by many people’s kindness and great generosity.

We wish to thank so many of you for showing support in so many ways: for those who attended the vigil and funeral, Morrison’s, who donated all the soft drinks for those attending the funeral; Arrow Taxis who would not take a fee for getting our family to the vigil; Lookers of Brighton who provided seven black ‘top of the range’ cars to escort us and our family to the church, Tribes the undertakers who went over and above anything they were paid to do; the leadership of our Worthing Hospital who have personally visited with compassion; those who once were or are patients in the hospital who have written to us; the window cleaner who would not accept payment; the many strangers who have sent us cards of condolences; the people who turned up on our door and simply asked if they could do some housework before the hordes of grieving relatives descended on us; neighbours, friends and the lovely folk at Broadwater Baptist and St Matthew’s churches who brought round meals and who have stood alongside us and accepted our tears and the many people who found ways to express their support for us at this difficult time.

Grief and love are related, but we are thankful for the many acts of love we have received which have helped us bear a part of the huge 
grief we carry.

David & Sandra Hill

King Edward Avenue

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