LETTER: Saddened by state of bench...

I was saddened, when walking along the seafront promenade recently, to notice the sorry state of the Longest Bench.

Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 8:19 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:14 am

It has become broken and has been vandalised in many places. Already unsightly, it is fast becoming an eyesore.

Why anyway was such a construction allowed to deface our beautiful seafront? It can in no way be described as a bench, being unusable in many places. Now notices have appeared, attached to the ‘bench’, explaining this extraordinary structure!

The bench was presumably the idea of local activists and planners, trying to make their name by adding useless constructions to our town.

There are other examples: rusting, non-shelters designed not to provide shelter but to incorporate the bench – the ‘Stage by the Sea’, hardly ever used, except by local youths for climbing and totally unfit for purpose. Then there is the incredibly rusty East Beach Café, which looks worse each year. This is to name just a few.

Why are these monstrosities allowed and who dreams them up in the first place? They do nothing for Littlehampton, especially as they begin to show their age.

At the same time, we must remember and praise some of the excellent improvements which have been made to our town –the riverside walk, so carefully planned with many seats and resting places. Also the area in front of the coastguard tower is excellent and appropriate. I fully encourage anything that can be done to make our town more beautiful but anything added should be useful.

May I, in this same letter, end by saying a big ‘thank-you’ to the members of the U3A who, every two weeks, turn out to clean rubbish from our beaches.

John Nicholson

Beach Crescent, Littlehampton

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