LETTER: My thoughts are with the families

My first response to the unsavoury event that took place on Wednesday, March 28, is my condolences to the families that had family members involved in these serious incidents and that I hope all recover to a full bill of health.

Thursday, 12th April 2018, 1:00 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:29 am

We must realise that the recent events that have taken place in and around our town of Littlehampton are very rare and are not common place in our communities.

This type and style of behaviour is unforgivable and has to be condemned in every aspect.

It is, however, heightened in the way that the news is reported and how quickly it hits the social media.

I would like to take this time to assure everyone that there is no party divide or political grandstanding as every officer at our councils and councillors are all working together to make sure our town, our communities, the place you live and work are safe for one and all.

All I ask, though, is that our communities, if they have not already, to come together as one and help us to help you to eradicate this type of behaviour in our society by reporting anything you see that you feel is of an unsavoury nature to the antisocial behaviour team at Arun District Council, business wardens in our town and the police.

Without your eyes and ears we are all limited to what we can do.

We must no allow these recent events to blight our horizons as we have happier times and fantastic events to come in the future for one and all to enjoy and I look forward to seeing you all out and about in our fantastic, vibrant town of Littlehampton.

Councillor Ian Buckland

The Blatchen

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