LETTER: Make parking fair for all

I would like to respond to Councillor Bob Smytherman's comments in the article ('˜Fed-up resident's parking petition', last week's Herald).

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 8:45 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:25 am

It would appear that councillor Smytherman does acknowledge that commuter parking has worsened in Pavilion Road and the surrounding streets.

He then goes on to say that a further extension would spread the problem elsewhere and yet the council did not take into account that they were ‘spreading’ the problem to Pavilion Road and surrounding streets when the existing scheme was introduced, so this situation is of their own making.

However, my petition is not about spreading the problem but trying to solve it and make in fair for all, because it is unfair at the moment as certain streets are taking the brunt of these parking issues.

My suggestion is having a residents’ parking permit scheme but including a pay-and-display segment.

For example, residents’ permit holders plus pay and display between the hours of, say, 8am and 5pm would cater for all. But this would need to be extended to all the other zones in and around Worthing mainline station so it is fair to all residents in all streets.

In addition, the council needs to hurry up and put down some double yellow lines in and around the junctions of Woodside Road to prevent the dangerous parking on these junctions, especially now that the football club intends to run an academy next season and, therefore, lots more youngsters will be coming to this area.

Phil Akers, Pavilion Road, Worthing

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