LETTER: Leave decisions to local people

Further to your article in the 31st of August edition regarding the Arundel A27 Bypass.

Thursday, 28th September 2017, 9:00 am

Keith Taylor Green MP for the South East and the CPRE (Campaign for Rural England) have both criticised Highways England (HE) for a “missed opportunity”. I believe HE have done a very good job, boiling down the various routes to three clear options, so with the greatest respect to Mr Taylor and CPRE, I would say leave the decision to residents of Arun District and butt out.

We have so many green campaigners from Brighton and other urban centres trying to enforce their will on our area. Local residents are best placed to make this decision and we should be allowed to get on with it without political interventions from special interest groups with no connection to Arundel or Arun. Also I had a back handed compliment from Chris Adam Smith, he felt I was denigrating Green campaigners. It may come as a surprise to Chris, but I am a green campaigner. I oversaw the implementation of green energy on the roof of the civic centre and I have an air source heat pump at home. What I was objecting to was the half truths that we in Arundel have had to endure. Campaigners have told Arundel residents that there would be a concrete flyover over the Arun Valley and that 80 per cent of the Arundel traffic was “local” - when they say local they mean within a 15 mile radiance, hardly local.

By attempting to scare locals they have discredited themselves, so whilst I understand Chris’ comments, it has been a hard slog to get the actual truth out to local residents.

Councillor Paul Dendle

Arun District Council (Con, Arundel & Walberton Ward)