LETTER: '˜Joy' over new homes plans

In amongst the Christmas cards delivered this week was an information leaflet from Gladman Land regarding their proposed residential development on land off Arundel Road in Angmering.

Thursday, 14th December 2017, 5:00 am

Just the type of glad tidings we were looking for; only another 220 new homes!

Oh what joy! As if we haven’t had enough of our fair share of new houses in recent years.

There is already a pending application for 175 homes on land between Weavers Hill and the Spotted Cow. How many more? What about the infrastructure? The schools are almost at capacity, the Medical Centre is at full stretch and as for the roads in and around the village; it’s a nightmare.

Karl Roberts, Arun’s director of planning, said on Southern TV several years ago, that developments, such as the ones in Roundstone Lane, bring benefits to the village. Well, we haven’t seen any yet, when are we likely to and what are they?

As part of that development I thought we were supposed to get two more football pitches in the village, paid for by Section 106 money, from the builders.

I also presumed they would be provided on land next to the Recreation Ground in Palmer Road together with a new Sports Pavilion and Social Club.

Obviously not! Good old Arun District Council! How much more of Angmering do they want to concrete over?

The jobs aren’t here to provide work for new residents, therefore there will be another 200 to 300 car movements a day commuting to work, congesting the roads even more. When is it going to stop?

Come on, Angmering residents, councillors and MP; start making your voices heard and start protesting about these developments before it’s too late. It’s ‘Environmental vandalism’ and ruining our village.

C. Trott

Ferndale Walk