LETTER: Flawed defences are a waste of money

THE recent adverse weather conditions have really brought to the fore the state of the Environment Agency and local authorities of the country.

Wednesday, 22nd January 2014, 6:00 am

We are in the 21st century but still way behind getting things done quickly and most importantly, correctly.

It is becoming fact now that there are potholes in the roads and, more recently, flood defences along this coastline are going the same way. Money is being wasted through work not being good enough.

Having just seen the plight of the poor residents of properties close to Pagham Beach, it is a disgrace.

It is stated that £600,000 was spent last year on this, all to no avail, washed away in just this spell.

It is now imperative that these authorities get their act together throughout this country. After all, we as individuals pay enough in rates and taxes.

PG McGovern

Church Lane

South Bersted