LETTER: And could this be the answer?

After several years of being fed up with the short stretch of deep potholes on the north side of Grove Lodge round-about, I'm sure the whole town was overjoyed to suffer some minor inconvenience while they were at long last '˜repaired' last month.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 9:20 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:32 am

I put ‘repaired’ in quotes because as soon as the road was reopened, it was glaringly obvious that a few potholes in the middle of the short stretch had been repaired, while the potholes on either side of them hadn’t been touched, and the switchback effect of driving round that side of the roundabout is very little improved.

I went to the trouble of writing to Highways England (not something I usually do) to ask when they’d come back and finish the job. I received a reply from a lady called Sue Moss, liaison assistant, to the effect that the repairs had been completed and that ‘We’re aware of the remaining deterioration of the road surface. Our Asset Team advise that we have in our forward programme a resurfacing scheme to address this for construction in the financial year 2019/20, subject to funding. This will be included in our bid for this financial year’.

In other and far more basic words – they never intended to repair the whole of this short stretch and now have to bid for money to complete the last few yards in around two years’ time. Can anyone else see the logic in this mealy-mouthed blether, or am I the only one?

Brian Lewis

Hayling Gardens

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