KEVIN KING: Everyone loves a wedding celebration full of smiles

Apart from the person who has to sweep up the confetti, we all love a wedding!

Last weekend we attended the nuptials of our chums Michaela and Ray, who were not only blessed with good weather but with family and friends clearly intent on celebrating with style and a smile.

You may think that that would be the norm but I was reminded of being a boy disc jockey (some years ago... alright many years ago) and being hired to provide the entertainment at various wedding breakfasts.

Lots of the ‘dos’ which I MC’d were, as last weekend, full of jollity and fun, but some were the equivalent of pulling teeth as two families sat either side of the function room with yours truly tasked with bringing them together.

I remember one function where I called upon the assembled guests to welcome our newly married couple to the floor for their first dance and, as our radiant bride glided towards me, the shout went up that the groom was “still in the bookies” and would join us once the result of the 4.20 at Kempton Park had been announced; awkward!

This coming Saturday I know that there will be nothing but smiles and joyful tears as, along with my friend and radio colleague Simon Osborne, I am hosting the wedding disco for Adam and Shelley.

You may remember, last year, Adam won a courage award for rescuing his family from their burning home.

An amazing story that ends with family and friends clubbing together to make sure that, notwithstanding Adam and Shelley losing their material possessions, the wedding still goes ahead as planned.

There will be much to celebrate.

Last weekend’s event was also memorable for the look on Jane’s face when she noticed I’d joined the conga, and the look on mine when she caught the bouquet!

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