I love watching the good and bad singers on the tv

I JUST love singing, do you Chipsters?

I sing in my bedroom, I sing in the shower and I sing on my way to school.

My mum says I have a good voice but I don’t think I would like to go on The X Factor and sing in front of those judges.

They can be a bit scary if they think the person singing isn’t that great.

I think The X Factor is a really good programme. It’s on a little late for me but I watch the repeat on a Sunday while mum is making my dinner.

Some of the singers on The X Factor are really good and, I think they should put on their own concerts – I would love to go along to some of them when I’m a bit older.

There are some people who go on the show who seem to think they can sing, but actually I don’t think it’s really the job for them. Some of them get really nervous, but I think they should just be brave and confident.

If you like singing but are not the best, that’s okay. Just enjoy it and sing away all day like me.

My favourite songs to sing include ones from my favourite Disney films like Lady and the Tramp and Beauty and the Beast.

At school I have decided to sign up for the choir which I am so looking forward to.

Chip, chip for now!