Easter is always so choc full of fun!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and have been getting into the Easter spirit!

Easter is one of my favourite times of year and my friends and I have had a brilliant time celebrating.

We all went to the countryside a couple of days ago and had a big Easter egg hunt and I found six chocolate eggs. I did have a tummy ache after eating them all though!

I’ve also been making lots of Easter crafts including bunny rabbits, yellow chicks and woolly lambs, as well as tucking into hot cross buns and chocolate Easter nests.

After I’d done all of my activities I became very tired and had to have a little sit down. Whilst having a rest I came across a story book about Easter, but it didn’t have anything about chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits.

The book said that many years ago, Jesus rode a donkey to a town called Jerusalem where many people were there to greet him, waving palm leaves as a way of celebrating his arrival.

But some people did not like Jesus and they wanted him gone, which made Jesus upset. The next day his enemies put a crown of thorns on Jesus’ head and put him up onto a cross. Jesus died and they put his body into a large tomb.

Many people were very sad, but two days later Jesus was no longer in the tomb, he had come back to life, which is called a resurrection.

At Easter time we eat hot cross buns to represent the cross that Jesus was put on, and Easter eggs to celebrate Jesus coming back to life.story and why we eat lots of yummy food.

Have an eggcellent week Chipsters, and have fun colouring in my Easter picture!