DOzy’s Ramblings: Cyclists and caravaners – please show consideration

WH 230514 Adur and Worthing local elections count. Mike mendoza. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-140524-004016001
WH 230514 Adur and Worthing local elections count. Mike mendoza. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-140524-004016001

OH joy. Really bad weather means we will have far fewer bicycles on the road and hopefully a lot less caravans.

Why do cyclists think they own the road, the pavements, the towpaths, etc.?

I know they technically are shareholders in the Adur Ferry Bridge in Shoreham because it was a cycling organisation that put a lot of money into the new bridge, and I am prepared to admit that there are good and bad, and considerate and inconsiderate cyclists around.

But it is those who do it their way and think they own the world that let the ‘good ones’ down, and give them all a bad name.

Many times I have been asked as to why there are no lanes down the centre of the bridge. This was discussed at length at the planning stages, and it was agreed that cyclists would ‘behave’ far better in a non-controlled environment, sharing space with pedestrians rather than give them the opportunity of riding like maniacs across the bridge.

So, just why do cyclists believe they have the God-given right to rule the roads?

For starters, Government and local authorities do not help, as they produce more and more ‘cycle lanes’ and insert those ridiculous painted ‘cycle’ boxes at traffic lights!

I want to know who pays in an injury case when cyclists smack into pedestrians, and they do quite often. Who will stop cyclists speeding in 20mph zones?

Now I don’t want to run out of space without moving onto my ‘other’ pet hate … caravans! I am talking about the social caravaner, the one who hitches up his tin box on wheels and takes his family on their annual holiday.

Those people, the ones who make residential streets look ugly by pitching caravans in their front gardens.

I have witnessed, many times, coming off a ferry to France and within minutes seeing British-registered caravans on their sides after their owners have ‘flown off’ the ferry without a care in the world. Several years ago I headed a campaign, much to the disgust of the Caravan Club Of Great Britain, called ‘Ban The Van’. There were even bumper stickers made that became very popular.

What I am really trying to say here, to both cyclists and caravaners, is please remember there are other road users about, and pedestrians, so please show some consideration.