DOZY’S RAMBLES: Support the fantastic work done by Southwick charity

The Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Centre
The Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Centre

There are some great little local charities that always need public support, one of which is a real jewel in the crown not just for Southwick, not just for Adur, but also for the whole of Sussex.

The Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Centre started out over 25 years ago when people in Sussex with MS decided to get together and fundraise for treatment equipment.

Now they are also helping people with other long-term health conditions such as strokes, ME, and children with cerebral palsy and autism, to name but a few.

Being a very small organisation, run predominantly by people with MS, the centre is able to act quickly on suggestions for new treatments or services, as they strive to cater to all abilities.

The centre is totally self-funded, and all members give what they can.

Members organise a number of sponsored events and other fundraising activities, and benefit from donations by community groups and charitable trusts.

They are currently overwhelmed by demand and really need to bring in as much money as possible to keep going.

The Sussex MS Treatment Centre would not be able to open its doors five days a week, plus some evenings and weekends, without the help of their amazing volunteers.

I was thrilled and delighted to be present in 2013 when the centre was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, which is the equivalent of an MBE for volunteer groups.

The Sussex MS Centre has been providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for over 25 years, which involves giving the body extra oxygen, and there is a multi-place chamber which sits up to five people per session.

So just who can benefit from the chamber?

Well those suffering from multiple sclerosis, stroke and traumatic brain injuries, Lyme disease, cancer, autism, wound care, sports injuries and broken bones, compartment syndrome, ME and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Last year the centre had a deficit in excess of £5,000 and, as you can see from the above list, it is essential that the work of the centre continue.

You can help to boost the funds by attending the Most Spectacular Fashion Show on the Thursday, June 25 at the Worthing’s Assembly Hall.

Tickets are only £10 and can be purchased via the box office or by calling 07710 658823.

I will be there, so come along and say hello and support this amazing charity and enjoy a fun family event, which will have on offer a lot more than just fashion.

The show starts at 7.30pm and will finish by 10.30pm.

• I have been far too nice so far, so here goes!

Its always interesting to hear of plans to convert the former Blue Circle cement works at Shoreham/Steyning into something.

Over at least the past thirty years, there has been possibly eight schemes suggested that I know of.

So why hasn’t anything actually happened on the site?

Asbestos within the buildings? The danger of the previous excavations?

I am sure those considerations had always been investigated by anyone wanting to do something with the area.

Allow me to let you in on an actual fact...

One organisation has been behind the hold-up of any suggested scheme.

That organisation is our very own West Sussex County Council Highways.

Until someone stands up to the faceless ones who run the highways, we will never get anything done for the area that has gone from an eyesore to an even worse eyesore.

It’s all down to money and, dare I say, greed.

West Sussex Highways is demanding an exorbitant amount of money from any developer wishing to take over the site.

So far I have heard that anything from £5 million £20 million has been asked for in up front fees, in order to improve the roading in the area.

I sincerely hope the latest or any future proposal will get enough support to kick these ridiculous demands into touch.