Watching boxsets will get me through lockdown 3.0 | Kelly Brown

Box sets and binge watching are going to be the key to my sanity this lockdown 3.0 as I find ways to escape the world and be entertained in the evenings.

Tuesday, 12th January 2021, 4:01 pm
What have you been watching on the small screen? Picture from Shutterstock

I normally favour films over television programmes, but the lack of new cinematic releases and the ever increasing quality of TV offerings has seen my DVD collection (yes I know it’s retro) neglected in favour of streaming box sets in 2020 and, now, in 2021 too.

Already so far in the past week I have watched two series of A Discovery of Witches - a programme which had completely passed me by when it first came out in 2018.

But thanks to the joys of instant television I have caught up with the first series and the new second series before busily looking at what to do next.

As a result I stumbled onto the much-hyped Netflix series Bridgerton, and three episodes in I am hooked.

It is like a preposterous version of a Jane Austen novel but with a more modern edge and a huge portion of cliche hilarity on the side.

I can feel a mini obsession coming on - and I will share it with everyone who will listen!

On these dark and miserable evenings where we can’t go out and see anyone, getting lost in the magical world of television is the bit of light relief that I think we all need right now.

And weirdly it is a way of us staying connected with our friends and loved ones as we swap notes about what TV shows to tune into. It gives us something else to talk about other than rehash the rather depressing current events of the world.

Whether it is The Mandalorian on Disney+, His Dark Materials on BBC or The Undoing on Sky there have been plenty of recommendations flying about.

It has also been nice to have a mixture of family viewing for us all to sit down and enjoy together, as well as have something to excitedly chat about with friends when the kids are safely tucked up in bed.

I can’t wait until the next recommendation comes my way!