KEVIN KING: Is there an app to answer annoying movie questions?

With our obsession for smart phones and tablets, is it fair to say that, “there’s an app for just about everything?”

Saturday, 20th June 2015, 12:00 pm
Kevin King

With the vast amount of downloads available to help our lives, such as ordering a taxi to setting our TV recorders, is there anything that, what we used to call a telephone, can’t do?

Well, perhaps there is.

Do you have someone in the family who drives you nuts when it comes to watching something on the box, particularly a movie?

That certain someone who, only a short time after pressing play, will suddenly pipe up with the one question that every other viewer dreads: “What’s he/she been in?”

That moment when your enjoyment is replaced with sporadic suggestions – “Wasn’t he/she the bloke/woman in Howards Way/Neighbours/Blakes 7/The Bill/Eastenders/Playschool?”

That annoyingly frustrating moment when you know that, as hard as you may fight the urge to join in, order will not be resumed until some knowledgeable member of your party remembers that they played the barman in Coronation Street and everyone can join the chorus of “Oh yeah!”

So, here’s my idea, you can download various apps that will, when held close to a speaker, recognise the music that’s being played, so why not a face?

It can’t be beyond the realms of the modern geek to come up with an app that, when you show it a picture of someone, will list their credits, thus saving many hours of hopeless discussion while missing the film.

This also happened to us in real life last week.

Jane and I were in London watching my daughter Megan performing in a play when my ribs were nudged along with the whisper, “who’s that?”

Along the row was a well-known actress also enjoying the production, but could we place her? Nope!

How handy to use our new idea and take her picture – after all, being British precludes us from saying hello.

Or would being a space invader best be left as a game?

I think I’d better click on my drawing board app.

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