KEVIN KING: Maximise your festival experience with logistical planning

What’s not to love about a music festival? The rain perhaps... and the toilets... and the queues...

Friday, 26th June 2015, 3:00 pm
Kevin King

Now, before this turns into some kind of Monty Python sketch, here we are back in the thick of the festival season with, arguably, the two biggest (and best?) spanning these past couple of weeks.

Although Fleetwood Mac caused a frisson of panic by cancelling a couple of shows ahead of their booking across the Solent, they not only turned up on the Isle Of Wight, but did exactly as they were asked and stole the weekend.

On now, of course, it’s the daddy of them all, Glastonbury, where already Michael Eavis is worrying about how everything will fit into his Somerset farm, which isn’t surprising when you consider that, as well as the main event (the Pyramid Stage), there are no less than 89 other performance areas hoping to attract some of the thousands of music and art lovers who are on their annual south western pilgrimage.

With an amazing line-up of musicians, rappers, DJs, poets, actors, comedians, speakers, circus acts, artists and children’s entertainers, it’s impossible to be able to see everything that goes on.

Therefore, maximising your Glastonbury experience either takes a large amount of logistical planning or a large amount of walking until you stumble (depending how late it is) on something you fancy.

And to be honest if you can’t find something you like from the hundreds of performers then you’re probably on the wrong farm.

The Pyramid Stage alone has the likes of Florence & The Machine, Kanye West (I wonder if Mrs West has her own Winnebago?), Lionel Richie, Pharrell Williams and Paul Weller with the whole thing coming to a close on Sunday night with a 90 minute set from The Who.

The Mod Kings have always been a big part of my life as I grew up close to where they first played.

And I was once in a band with Pete’s younger brother Simon – until he realised we were rubbish!

So, if you’ve picked up this paper on your way to Worthy Farm... #jealous!

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