Football on a 3G pitch was a lot of fun, Chipsters!

DO YOU remember last week, Chipsters, when I said I was going to be playing football on a 3G pitch?

Thursday, 12th February 2015, 4:00 pm

Well, I’ve done it and it was just amazing!

It’s not grass but it’s not like other artificial surfaces, where you graze yourself if you fall over. It was really good. I played with my friends from the paper at Worthing Leisure Centre, and it was absolutely amazing.

I scored loads of goals, although my new friend James from the paper stopped me scoring a lot more – he was brilliant in goal, even though he’d hurt his ankle and could barely stand.

And before you say it, Chipsters, all those missed opportunities were definitely down to James’s talent in goal, rather than mine in front of it!

The only downside was that it was really cold. But we soon warmed up after we’d been running around for a while.

Apart from my new friend Dan from the paper – he kept his woolly hat, gloves, jumper and tracksuit bottoms on the whole game and he was still shivering! I told him he should have tried harder and run a bit more!

I’m also looking forward to half-term, and I’ll update you on how my week’s gone next time.

Chip chip for now!