COLUMNIST: Mike Menoza on charity work in Adur

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WELL, only two more chairman columns from me, and it is the end of my 13 months of ‘bling’.

I will hand over to Cllr Fred Lewis next Thursday at the annual council meeting and then I return to the ‘back benches’.

I will also be handing over a cheque to Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice, as they have been my nominated charity for this past year.

I have really enjoyed my term of office and also thoroughly enjoyed writing this weekly column. I must say I will miss it greatly and take this opportunity to thank many of you for your kind comments with regards to the column and my grateful thanks to the Herald for allowing me to do this.

Congratulations to Mel Humphreys for raising close to £1,000 for the Sussex MS Treatment Centre in Southwick by baking and selling an awful lot of cakes over the weekend.

I went there to offer my support to the woman who wanted to give something back to this pretty amazing, award-winning charity. Mel did the charity and herself proud.

I also went along to Holmbush Shopping Centre to give support to a group of dancers who were demonstrating how to jive, or as they call it Lindy Hop.

When I said ‘support’, I meant I stood there and watched in amazement at their moves and style. There are a number of ‘swing’ dance classes taking place around the district, including the Shoreham Centre in Pond Road. This is all a way of keeping fit with out the pain! Unless you are totally unfit, like me…

All councillors are about to embrace the IT world, as all are being given a choice of an ipad or laptop in order to carry out their duties. In the long run, this will save the council taxpayer thousands of pounds, as all agendas, minutes, and notices, etc. will be sent to their electronic devices rather than on paper, plus of course the savings on postage will be gigantic.

Following consultation with members, officers were provided with a clear objective to provide a personal IT solution for each member that was portable, secure and which increased communication efficiency between members, officers and constituents.

It is worth noting that any member wishing to use a device that has 3G access will have to pay for the use out of their own allowance, once again, making sure that tax payers do not pay for this.

The Adur Festival is still in full swing with a number of great events still taking place around the district. For example, Shoreham Wordfest presents a display of works by poets who either live in, or are associated with Sussex. Spot the poems in windows of shops and restaurants in central Shoreham, and in the waiting room of Shoreham railway station.

Tonight (Thursday) at West Street Loft in Shoreham, there is a comedy night in aid of Seaside Hospital Radio, showcasing some of the best local and national comedy acts around.

This weekend also sees the Military History Weekend at Shoreham Fort. Come and experience re-enactments from every period of the fort’s history from 1857 to 1945.

Several groups will be displaying throughout each day and children get the chance to learn what it was like with the unique children’s parade. Refreshments from Food For Fort and a barbecue are on offer and entrance is free, but donations gratefully received.

I am often asked about rubbish collections. Just to confirm that the collection days are stable now until the August Bank Holiday, then the collections move one day ahead. If you are collected on a Thursday, then this will move to a Friday with no more changes until the next bank holiday weekend.

There is also some confusion on what can and cannot be placed in the ‘blue’ recycling bins. I also get confused and quite honestly cannot understand the reasoning, for example you put paper in the blue bin, but not shredded paper. You put glass bottles and jars but not Pyrex, drinking glasses or crockery.