Claire Bradford: hopeful radio email yields excellent result

Last week in this column I was talking about my conversation with Janine Lowe about auspicious dates for your business and personal life according to your Chinese astrology sign.

Now I know a lot of readers will be highly sceptical about this sort of thing (to be honest, so was I at first) but do please keep reading!

I promised last week that I would let you know the results of sending an email on the day and time that Janine had advised would have the best impact.

My email was to BBC Sussex and Surrey about the possibility of doing more work on the radio following my stint on Saturday Night Live a couple of months ago.

I had been gently ‘nudging’ since then but not had much response so I didn’t really expect very much, especially as it was sent on a Sunday, but I sent it off anyway at the appointed hour.

Three days later, I had a call to ask me to go on to review the papers with Allison Ferns on her lunchtime show.

I went on air the next day, then got a call later that afternoon to discuss me possibly regularly contributing to a Sunday show.

I’d call that a pretty amazing result, wouldn’t you?

Want to try out auspicious dates for yourself?

Janine has given me some dates for the rest of this month:

July 19: Auspicious for Tiger, horse, dog and pig. Success.

July 20: Auspicious for rat, dragon, monkey and rooster. Receive.

July 27: Auspicious for tiger, rabbit goat and pig. Stable.

July 28: Auspicious for rat, ox, dragon and monkey. Initiate.

I’m afraid if you’re a snake, this month isn’t so good for you – sorry about that!

If you’d like to find out your auspicious dates and times in advance, do visit Janine’s website ( for details of her services.

She also posts a daily update on her Facebook page (, letting you know when it’s a good day or when you should just keep your head down.

Still feeling sceptical? I dare you to give it a try.

I was amazed at the results.

And if you do give it a go, do let me know how it goes.

Tweet me @coachbythecoast or alternatively, drop me an email at

Have fun!