CHIPPER: Making Mother’s Day a special one with great gifts

Daffodils. Picture: Karla Tizard
Daffodils. Picture: Karla Tizard

I HOPE all of you made Sunday, which was Mother’s Day, very special for your mummies – I did!

But it wasn’t easy, I can tell you. I went out with Daddy to try to find something to give her. He thought chocolates or flowers, and that sounded good to me.

The problem was, by the time we got to the shops late on Saturday, everywhere had sold out!

There were loads of people like us, wandering around looking vaguely panicked, all searching for that elusive bouquet or box of chocs!

In the end, we had to give up and come home. But all was not lost!

I had the brilliant idea of making a bunch of flowers from some of the daffodils we have in the garden, and I made her a card, which she said was brilliant!

I was pleased I was able to give her something, and presents don’t have to cost anything if you have put some thought into them and they show someone you care.

But, Chipsters, the moral of this story is that if you are going to get someone a present from the shops, whether it’s flowers, chocolates or something else, don’t leave it until the last minute – like I did! – unless you have a ‘plan b’.

Chip chip for now!W