CHIPPER: Animal pals gather for picnic at canal!

I hope you’ve all had as much fun this week as I have!

I and a couple of my friends made the most of the sunny weather and had a picnic by Chichester Canal.

We had lots of fun in the sun after we found a spot to sit in Birdham!

We made sandwiches galore before we set out on our trip. I was in charge of making the ham sandwiches while Cathy the cat made some with cucumber.

Our friend, Harold the hedgehog had just woken up from his winter hibernation so we decided to surprise him with his favourite dessert, apple pie!

While we were digging into our picnic, we were lucky enough to bump into Doris the duck and her newly-hatched ducklings – Daisy, Danny, Dominic, David, Darcy and Dylan.

All of them were very chatty and could not wait for Susie and Sam the swans’ eggs to hatch.

After we had finished eating, we played a game of hide and seek in the woods nearby our picnic spot and then set off on the way home again.

On our way back, we bumped into a suspicious-looking fox who was prowling along the canal and made sure to throw him off scent so that he wouldn’t find the ducklings! I know a lot of you are glum this week as you have to go back to school after the Easter holidays, but I’ll doubt you’ll be downtrodden too long with all this lovely weather.

Make sure to look out for local wildlife in the area as its springtime and there’s lots of exciting sights to see! I’m thrilled as we found frogspawn in our pond this morning which means we’ll have some tadpoles soon enough.

Have a great week, Chipsters!

Chip Chip for now!