CHIPPER: A great world cup, but what’s next?

The World cup ended on Sunday, and while I’m sad it’s over, I was excited to watch Germany win in the final.

My friends James the jaguar, Zoe the zebra, Holly the horse and Woody the weasel all came round to my house and we watched it together.

But now, I’m wondering what other sports might 
be fun to try out, so I asked my friends what sports they like best.

My friend Freddie the ferret loves swimming, it’s really good for him and he says if he tries hard enough, he’ll soon be able to go really fast in the water!

Rugby is a really cool sport, my mum watches it loads and I watched a match with her.

The players are really big because they have to tackle each other to get the ball from the other team! It was so exciting and by the end all the players were really muddy! Penny the pig plays netball lots, I tried netball at school and it’s a really good sport! I tried sailing as well because my friend Lou the lion does it every week. In sailing you have to learn how to steer a boat on the sea.

My dad helped me learn how to use things on the boat called a tiller and a main sheet to sail around on the water. I accidentally fell in once, it was so funny!

Which sports are your favourites? What do you have to do for them?

I’m not sad about the World Cup finishing any more, as I have plenty of fun sports to keep me active!

Chip chip for now!