Bonfire party will be enormous fun!

Heyshott Bonfire night PICTURES BY TIM HUDSON PHOTOGRAPHY SUS-140411-130224001
Heyshott Bonfire night PICTURES BY TIM HUDSON PHOTOGRAPHY SUS-140411-130224001

I AM so excited. I’m going to a fireworks party on Saturday and I can’t wait.

My friend Katie the Cat is having a bonfire party in her garden and I am so excited.

Her dad is building a small bonfire at the back of her huge garden and we get to have a go of sparklers and each special party food.

Apparently, Katie is planning to help her mummy make special bonfire cakes and jelly but she won’t tell me exactly what they will look like. She told me it would ruin the surprise!

I imagine they will be very colourful and very tasty as Katie always makes really nice cakes.

After we have eaten our food and played some games we are then going to walk to the centre if the village where Katie lives because there is going to be a great big fireworks display.

I just can’t wait. I know not all dogs love fireworks but I really do. They just make the sky look so magical.

It is great that bonfire night comes so quickly after Hallowe’en, which was so much fun.

Mummy did a little halloween tea for us with slime jelly and apple bobbing.

We also did some pumpkin carving which was lots of fun and I did a scary face!

And then afterwards we got dressed up and went trick or treating.

We found all the homes which had pumpkins and decorations outside and only knocked on those doors.

And it was great. There were so many people all dressed up doing the same as we were so it was an exciting night.

I hope you chipsters have a fantastic bonfire weekend,

Chip, chip for now,