A barbecue with friends before I go back to school

I’M BACK at school this week!

Zoe the zebra really liked my ‘chipper’ new uniform. Looking smart at school is really important and I have even got a new pencil case. It’s blue, like the sea, with fish over the front. It is my very own portable fish tank.

Woody the weasel, James the jaguar, Maddy the mouse and I went to the seaside on Tuesday. We were celebrating the last day of the summer holidays, and James’s parents brought a picnic and barbecue with them.

We brought our towels, swimming gear and sand buckets. It was a bit windy, but the sun was out and the seagulls were squawking.

We all bought ice creams with chocolate flakes, and then went to play in the sand. Building sand castles is fun, and Maddy found shells to decorate them with. We dug moats too and filled them up with water from the sea.

Woody and I ventured into the waves to swim. James, Maddy and Zoe followed after us, splashing!

James’s parents had a disposable barbecue, so we put it on the sand away from anything that would get too hot. They also had paper plates so we could recycle them when we had finished.

After tucking into burgers with ketchup and seedy buns, we got ready to go home.

We used our buckets to collect water and sand to put out the barbecue, and then we found a nearby rubbish bin to put it in. It is really important to leave the beach exactly how you found it, so others can enjoy it, too.

I’m having lots of fun back at school, and I hope you are, too. Chip chip for now!