Regular Greggs customer brands vegan sausage roll 'bland mush': "stick to what you know"

A regular Greggs customer - who happens to be an editor at the Worthing Herald - has branded Greggs' vegan sausage roll as 'bland mush'.

Content editor Oliver Poole is a loyal customer at the Chapel Road store, and is a connoisseur of the bakery chain's carnivorous cylindrical treat.

Worthing Herald series editor Oliver Poole with his vegan nemesis

Worthing Herald series editor Oliver Poole with his vegan nemesis

But he was not impressed by Greggs' vegan offering, which has recently been introduced to Worthing and Littlehampton due to popular demand.

He said: "The delight of the Greggs bag appearing in the office quickly turned to disappointment when the contents were revealed as a vegan sausage roll.

"The lovely staff in Chapel Road, to my shame, know my usual order - and it certainly won't be changing from the regular sausage roll to the veggie version.

"I've no idea what they put in them, and a taste of the bland mush inside the passable pastry coating left me none the wiser. Stick to what you know, Greggs."

Others in the Worthing Herald series office disagreed.

Senior reporters Stephen Wynn-Davies and Jennifer Logan both thought it tasted exactly like the meat version.

Jennifer added: "It's delicious; I'll have to go out and buy one."

John Holden took the moral high ground. He said: "I approve. It has a good consistency and you know the difference - but at least I'll be able to sleep soundly tonight knowing I've made a strong ethical choice."

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