New Year baby ‘amazes’ parents

Doug and Lynne Pearce with their New Year's Day baby, Erin
Doug and Lynne Pearce with their New Year's Day baby, Erin

WORTHING Hospital welcomed its first babies of 2015 with three newborns on New Year’s Day.

Doug and Lynne Pearce, of West Way, Lancing, had their first child at Worthing Hospital on Thursday.

Erin Pearce, who was due to arrive on December 29, was born not long after the bells at 2.34am and weighed 6lb. 5oz.

Lynne, 40, said: “It was a bit traumatic, in a nice way. But it was a positive experience in the end.

“We think she decided she wanted to be a New Year baby.”

She joked that Erin already had more hair than Doug.

The labour lasted nine hours in total and baby Erin was delivered by caesarean section.

She was taken home to Lancing the following day to meet the family.

Doug, 46, said: “It’s amazing and very surreal. The midwives have been lovely, really supportive.”

He said they had just had the five-day visit at home and the health visitors were very happy with how everything was going.

The couple said they had known the sex of the baby beforehand and decided on the name in October.

Lynne said baby Erin was settling in well, although as expected, there had been a few sleepless nights.