Mums launch campaign for better children’s play park

S05170H14   Southwick Green Play Area
S05170H14 Southwick Green Play Area

TWO Southwick mums have launched a campaign to overhaul the play park on Southwick green.

The pair, who both have two children under six, have formed the Southwick Green Community Team (SGCT) to fight for better facilities for the town’s children.

After chatting to other mums and dads, Fiona Dunn and Melanie Prior felt the ‘tired and unimaginative’ park could use improvement.

Miss Dunn, 42, of Albert Road, Southwick, said: “It seems like such a missed opportunity and is so ideally placed in the heart of Southwick,”

“Our community team has a strong core involving the local police, Glebe Primary School and Shoreham Academy.

“We have hopefully secured council funding and are in the process of applying for match funding.”

The team hopes to expand the play park to include a grass area, better and more play equipment, safer fencing and picnic tables.

“We are also hoping to commission a piece that can be made with local crafts people and students using recycled or reclaimed materials from the area,” said Miss Dunn, adding that the team were looking into inviting local colleges to design a piece of equipment.

“For us it is about involving our community and creating a central play area which the children can enjoy and where the parents can socialise,” said Miss Dunn.

“When you have small children, these sorts of places provide such invaluable support for parents and anything that encourages children to run around and use their imagination and form friendships is fantastic.”

The team meets with Glebe Primary School’s young governors every few weeks to hear their ideas for the project.

Three of the children who attend SGCT meetings will present the group’s ideas to local business’s at the Shoreham Academy Business Breakfast on February 27.

The group hopes to have at least stage one of the park completed by September.

“Of course, we would like it all done by then, so we are working very hard to secure all the funding by summer,” said Miss Dunn.

“We will have a family fun day in September no matter how much we have done.

“It’s a big project and we are constantly thinking of ideas. What is brilliant, is the support we are getting.”

The group is documenting its campaign on Facebook and Twitter.