Mud turns road into dangerous dirt track

S14611H14 Residents highlight the issues  in Mouse Lane, Steyning
S14611H14 Residents highlight the issues in Mouse Lane, Steyning

A STEYNING road has been turned into a dangerous dirt track, according to residents.

People living in Mouse Lane are calling for action and say the road is the worst it has ever been.

Despite meetings with West Sussex County Council and Steyning Parish Council, they say not enough is being done to clear the slippery mud that has lain there since the winter storms.

Mikki Burt said: “It is a public road that looks like a dirt track. We have all slipped on the mess and my daughter has fallen over.”

Audrey Pike, who has lived there for 12 years, said it had never been as bad. “There is always a stream coming down here but the road is dangerous now. People go down here too fast and it can damage cars. People with small children have to be really careful.”

Margaret Burgess, who has lived in the lane nearly 11 years, said it was the silt that was the main problem.

“As a Steyning resident, I know there has always been water down this road. It is a little stream which goes down to just a trickle in the summer but this year, it has just eroded the road.

“We need the mud cleaned off. Last year, they actually came with two men and barrows and that was the only way to get it clean. That mud, when it dries out, will turn into a dust storm.”

Annabelle Wilkes has lived opposite her for seven years. She said a road sweeper had visited on March 12, but it had little effect because a proper shovel was needed.

She added: “We have had water right across the road but we have never had the stones and it is those that are causing the problem. They are blocking up the culverts.

“The water is ankle deep but the slime is the most important thing. We have had so many people fall and horses stumbling.”

County councillor David Barling said he was working with highways engineers to try to find a solution.

He added: “This is very much ongoing. It is quite substantial work because there are so many threads. There is not only the water side, we are also looking at traffic calming measures for the benefit of residents.

“I am trying to get our drainage expert up to talk to the residents and we are actively looking at it on every front. It is very complex because it is an ancient water course.”