Misery for motorists as roads deteriorate

RECENT wet weather has brought poor road surfaces back onto the agenda, as many potholes have worsened and are causing misery for motorists.

Many of Shoreham and Steyning’s residents believe more needs to be done to tackle the problem.

Some, like Phillip Bowell, Steyning Parish Council chairman, believe the problem lies with the contractors.

“My biggest problem is the contractors that fix the potholes,” said Cllr Bowell.

“I believe government generally has a big problem managing contracts.

“There’s no responsibility and accountability.

“They should have a quality management system in place to ensure they do it right.

Cllr Bowell said that in his experience, the work had not been carried out to a high enough standard to stand the test of time.

“It’s not done properly.

“The volume of work they have got this year is beyond anything they have had before.

“We need to get on to cause and effect.

“There’s not one problem, there’s four or five or six issues that all come together.”

He also said he believed residents and motorists needed to do more to alert the authorities to the problem.

“I think a lot of people expect West Sussex County Council (WSCC) to know where the potholes are,” said Cllr Bowell.

“Councils and road users have a role to play in letting WSCC know where the problems are.

“When we engaged with the council and we used the website to record potholes they sent someone out within a couple of days to mark them up.”

Elsewhere in Shoreham Beach, it is a similar situation.

Adur District Councillor Ben Stride said potholes had been a problem along Beach Green and Riverside Road for years.

Like Cllr Bowell, Cllr Stride said he believed it was a maintenance issue.

“They do get fixed but the one I’m particularly concerned about is on The Meadway,” Cllr Stride said.

“The surface has come off in patches. It’s very patchy and very poor ride quality.

“I have been trying to get it resurfaced for four to five years.”

“I was promised it would be done this financial year in March but now it’s not looking so likely due to problems with the contractor.

“It’s really uncomfortable and a nuisance for residents as cars go past.”

Cllr Stride said he had been working with the council since he was elected to get the roads resurfaced and that The Meadway was the last one.

Potholes can be reported by sending a picture to the County Council via the Love West Sussex website (love.westsussex.gov.uk/Reports) or by downloading the Love West Sussex App.

The response time to fixing a pothole is dependent on its risk.

If a pothole represents a ‘serious safety issue’ it will be repaired within two hours.

Potholes greater than 100mm deep on all roads will be repaired within five working days.

If they are between 40mm and 100mm on all roads they will be repaired within 28 days and those less than 40mm on any road will not be repaired but will be reviewed at the next inspection.