Meet the team at Glamorous You, voted Herald and Gazette Salon of the Year by our readers

A L'Oréal Professionnel salon in Worthing has been voted the Herald and Gazette Salon of the Year by our readers.

Monday, 19th November 2018, 12:25 pm
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 12:26 pm
The team at Glamorous You, voted Herald and Gazette Salon of the Year 2018. Photo by Derek Martin DM18110759a

Glamorous You, in Goring Road, caters for any hair need, from a simple restyle to a full head of hair extensions.

Owner Gill Humphrey said: “Our loyal customers have over the years come to appreciate the great service that we provide and the technical ability of our stylists’ experience.”

She opened Glamorous You at the Thomas A’Becket crossroads, in Rectory Road, Tarring, in 2010 and moved a year ago, opening in Goring Road on November 7, 2017.

Owner Gill Humphrey enjoys doing that bit extra for her clients. Photo by Derek Martin DM18110778a

Gill said: “It has been a blessing in disguise. We were due to do a refurbishment at the old place but decided to move instead.

“The salon is a lot smaller so it has a better ambience. Everyone has stayed with us, as it is only ten minutes down the road, and we have lots of new clients as well.

“It has given me the opportunity to increase the staff, because we are that much busier now.”

There are five stylists, two assistants and one Saturday boy.

Gill is a creative person and has always wanted to be a stylist. She started as a Saturday girl at the age of 13, working at TONI&GUY in Brighton.

She then moved to Worthing with her parents in 2001 and started as an apprentice in Broadwater in 2002. After working there for five years, Gill moved to Look Fantastic in Worthing town centre for a year or so, then left hairdressing for a year and a half.

She explained: “I wanted to look into nursing. I was a health care assistant and got what I wanted out of it then made the decision to go back to hairdressing and opened up a salon in the middle of the recession.

“I have seen it grow over the years. I have been doing some of my clients’ hair since 2005 and they have stayed with me. We have some clients who come quite a distance, Crawley and Brighton, which is quite flattering.

“It is about going that extra mile for people and thinking about the little things. There is nothing worse than going somewhere and feeling awkward. You can do the best haircut in the world but you have to have the service with it. We even serve prosecco in the afternoons.

“You can teach anyone to be a hairdresser but it is up to you to do that bit extra for people. You do it because you love it and we all love it. It is lovely to have a great time together and we love the clients.

“Thank you to all our amazing team and clients who have followed us and stayed with us over the last eight years.”

The stylists at Glamorous You are always learning and if you are looking for a little inspiration, they are more than happy to help.

Gill said: “We tend to follow celebrities’ hairstyles rather than fashion because they are much more practical.

“We have adapted to hair extensions and have been on the course, and we have a popular OPI gel nail service as well. Hopefully, in the next year or so, we will build a log cabin out the back and get more into the beauty side.”

Glamorous You is at 329 Goring Road, Worthing BN12 4NX. Telephone 01903 297924

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