Lifeboat joins sea search as body is found

SHOREHAM lifeboat crews were called twice while supporting Paddle Round the Pier, off Hove Lawns, at the weekend.

The all-weather lifeboat was assisting with the Brighton charity festival when it was tasked to join a search of the sea following the discovery of a body.

A woman was found face down in the water and pulled ashore on Saturday and at 1.10pm, Shoreham’s crew joined Brighton lifeboat in a search from Rottingdean to Brighton Pier for any other casualties but nothing was found.

On Sunday, as the all-weather lifeboat was returning from the festival at 3pm, it was asked to tow in a rigid inflatable boat, which had been providing safety cover for the event but had suffered engine failure.

The vessel was towed into Shoreham Harbour by the lifeboat.