Lib Dems talk business at Shoreham Port

Ships at Shoreham Port
Ships at Shoreham Port

POSSIBLE damage to Adur’s economy if Britain leaves the EU was one of the top issues discussed in a meeting at Shoreham Port on Friday.

Liberal Democrat candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham Jemima Bland and European Parliament candidate for southeast England Giles Goodall met the port’s chief executive Rodney Lunn on Friday.

David Edey, chairman of Eastbrook Liberal Democrats, also joined the meeting.

Mr Lunn said 1,600 people worked at the port and much of the port’s trade was with Europe.

He said was important to maintain Britain’s influence within the country’s largest trading partner.

“If you’re not around the table, you’re on the menu,” he said.

Ms Bland said it had been interesting to hear from someone who really knew just how much the area relied on trade with Europe for its prosperity.

“Leaving the EU would be a disaster for the Adur District,” she said.

Mr Goodall said Shoreham Port exemplified the best of Britain as a trading nation.

“It seems crazy to risk damaging it by leaving Europe,” said Mr Goodall.

“The Lib Dems are fighting for us to stay in the EU and to safeguard local jobs.”

Mr Edey said it had been a pleasure to hear how Shoreham Port wanted to engage with local people on issues such as traffic, noise and monitoring air quality.