LETTER: Norfolk Bridge ‘gridlock’

I find that the current roadworks on the Norfolk Bridge unacceptable.

The gridlock its causing I believe is a snapshot into the future when all the future developments are being built and completed.

Surely if work is being carried out to resurface the foot path the carriageway needs to be closed for the safety of the work force and traffic, however when the material is curing and no work force is around the cones can be pushed to one side and the carriage way reopened.

This work is planned to two weeks. Please get those who control and monitor these road works to rethink the current strategy.

For the future of Shoreham, what are the plans for the road infrastructure?

Shoreham’s success will be its down fall as the plans are going to kill the town without plans for traffic management.

A simple step for buses in the high street would be to have a bus stop outside Hartleys/Dominos Pizza westbound with no car parking and one eastbound outside the Cooperative, again just for buses.

I don’t understand why we have bus stops in view of each other on a main artery route.

A layby by the Shell petrol station could also be used for buses to stop them stopping traffic on the Brighton Road.

I believe these can be actioned with little money and improve traffic flow and bus services for the community.

Paul Wornham,

Harbour Way,