Lady C fights back after speed camera bid stalls

Lady Colin Campbell has said she will continue to fight for a speed camera outside her home, despite Highways England saying it will not happen.

Thursday, 26th May 2016, 2:24 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:27 am
Lady Colin Campbell, pictured on the day of the car crash. Picture: Eddie Mitchell

Lady Campbell, 66, was involved in a three-car collision on the A27 near Castle Goring, where she lives, earlier this month when she was driving with her pet dog, Tottie, and her cat, Robert.

No one was badly injured, but Lady Campbell’s vehicle was badly dented on the driver’s side and the other two cars collided head-on when one veered into oncoming traffic.

She has since called for a speed camera to be installed on the road to curb speeding, which she said could lead to more accidents, and wrote to Highways England about the matter.

After being approached by the Herald, a spokesperson from the organisation said that they would not be installing a speed camera.

In a statement, the spokesperson said: “Safety is Highways England’s top priority and we keep the safety of the A27 under constant review.

“There is no evidence to support installing speed cameras on the A27 through Worthing would improve safety.”

They added that any installation of speed cameras would need to be agreed with the police, who would be responsible for operating them.

Lady Campbell responded by saying that it was ‘highly irresponsible’ for Highways England to not do anything given the accident she was involved in.

“But for the grace of God three people would have been killed,” she said.

“Between my house in London and Castle Goring there’s only one stretch of road where the speed limit isn’t either 50, 60, 20 or 30 miles an hour and that is the A27 outside of the castle.

“It isn’t a motorway and it shouldn’t be treated as if it is one.

Lady Campbell added that ‘all the residents’ in the area were behind her in getting a speed camera installed.

The reality TV star said that the speeding problem on the A27 in Goring was caused by bad traffic congestion in Worthing.

She said: “Drivers are sat in traffic in Worthing for up to half an hour, and then they put their foot down when they get out of it.

“They’re frustrated, and who can blame them? Worthing is bumper to bumper from morning to night.

“There’s clearly too many retired rich people with cars driving around.

“Perhaps they should reintroduce the horse and buggy to sort out the traffic!”