Jaime helps us in online scoop

AS police closed Western Road amid Tuesday's bomb scare, Jaime Carter's first reaction was to grab her camera.

Thursday, 8th March 2007, 7:30 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 11:44 pm

Twenty-year-old Jaime, who is currently on a gap year before going to university, took a series of pictures and emailed them to the Shoreham Herald as the drama unfolded.

Jaime said she developed an interest in photography around three years ago, and took these photographs on her new digital camera.

"I did photography A level," she said. "I really enjoyed it and kept it up since then. A couple of months ago I got a digital SLR camera."

Within minutes of bomb disposal officers arriving at the scene, Jaime's pictures were already online at the Shoreham Herald's website, www.shorehamtoday.co.uk

Until this week, pictures Jaime took were normally of sport or astro-photography '“ pictures of outer space taken through her telescope.

She said she hoped to become a professional photographer after completing a degree in sports science, which she plans to start in September.

"I am going to university in either Chichester or Nottingham," she added. "Nottingham has got its own observatory at the university, so I could still keep my astro-photography up.

She explained how people living in the street were told to stay in their houses for safety reasons, but had be prepared to evacuate.

Jaime added: "No-one was evacuated in the end, as the bombs were safe for removal. The bomb squad took away about 20 different bombs, all varying in size and shape."

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