Hundreds raised at firefighters car wash

S10521H14''The Annual Charity Car Wash at Shoreham Fire Station
S10521H14''The Annual Charity Car Wash at Shoreham Fire Station

FAMILIES from as far afield as Sweden supported the Fire Fighters Charity by attending the 10th annual car wash at Shoreham Fire Station on Saturday.

A dozen firefighters teamed up with members of the public in glorious sunshine to wash more than 40 cars, raising almost £400 for the charity, whose nearest centre is in Littlhampton.

The car wash is the biggest fundraising event of the year for the Fire Fighters Charity, and this year two families here on holiday from Sweden dropped in on their way home, and each donated £10.

“People were very generous this year and we raised a total of £384,” said crew manager Rod Gates.

“We would like to say a big thank you to the large cross section of the community that came to our event.”

Snow forced the firefighters to cancel las year’s event, but this year the sunshine ensured a bumper haul for the good cause, double the sum raised in 2012.

A minimum donation of £5 was needed for a car wash, but many gave double that much.

Army cadet Emma Gates, 12, pitched in to lend a hand, and senior officers thanked her for her hard work.

The Fire Fighters Charity supports injured fire and rescue officers through physical rehabilitation and breaks designed to help those who have suffered injury, illness, stress or bereavement.

Two firefighters from Shoreham are being treated at the charity’s rehabilitation centre at Marine Court in Littlehampton.