Homeless evicted from Union Place as owners step in

The homeless community that set up camp in Union Place has been evicted after months of calling it home.

Last Wednesday, bailiffs descended on the town centre site to escort the homeless people off the land.

The homeless community in Union Place was evicted by bailiffs last Wednesday

The homeless community in Union Place was evicted by bailiffs last Wednesday

Since last Thursday, security officers with guard dogs have been patrolling the area to stop former inhabitants from getting back in.

A spokesman for Change Real Estate, which owns the land, said: “As owners of the land at Union Place, we are fully aware of the evictions from the area that have been handled via our managing agents with the full co-operation of the police. The area is currently being made secure.”

The site is still littered with tents, belongings and rubbish, with other possessions spilling out into a nearby car park.

At least three people have been arrested in connection with fights that happened in or near Union Place since the homeless community moved in.

Negotiations between Worthing Borough Council and the landowners to redevelop the derelict site continue. A council spokesman said they worked with ‘a range of local agencies to try to provide support to the street community and to resolve issues of anti social behaviour’.

They added: “We have a team of officers that provide outreach on the streets, drop in services and advice about housing options. We also work very closely with Sussex Police where there are enforcement actions for the more serious incidents and behaviours.

“Like many coastal towns, despite the raft of measures and support available, there will be a minority of people who choose not to use the services available to them.”